Pre-Packed Popcorn and Pre-Packed Candyfloss


In this gallery you will find our pre-packed candyfloss and pre-packed popcorn. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Can be used for product launchs, activation, corporate functions, birthday parties, weddings or just to have in the office.


  • 1-masters_of_candyfloss_pre-packed_popcorn_1
  • 2-masters_of_candyfloss_pre-packed_popcorn_2
  • 3-ELK
  • 4-pam golding - 1
  • masters-of-candyfloss-25g-candyfloss
  • masters-of-candyfloss-pre-packed-candyfloss-2
  • masters_of_candyfloss_cone
  • pre-packed-candyfloss-1[1]
  • pre-packed-candyfloss-2[1]

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Masters of Candyfloss